Events Catering

While Express Catering will suit for your simple or last-minute events, the University also provides a fully managed catering events service known as Events Catering.
This is your service for the provision of serviced menus for all occasions, freshly brewed hot beverages, alcoholic beverages, hospitality staff, venues and event management.
Our menus cater for all functions from dawn till dusk, including Breakfasts, Morning/Afternoon Breaks, traditional set buffet lunch options, ‘pick your own’ working lunch options or packaged lunch options. And an extensive platter range is available. Canap├ęs and Buffet or Banquet Dinners are also our specialities.
Your Events Catering food and beverage order is set up and serviced by a team of dedicated professionals to ensure the smooth running of your event.
Due to the volume of serviced events and the detailed planning needed by both by you and us, the earlier we know about your event the more time we have to accommodate you and provide the best service possible.

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